[The Intern Interview] Danush Sinnan

The KASS team recently welcomed Danush Sinnan, an outgoing intern from New York!

We asked Danush to share some thoughts on his time with us so far and here’s what he had to say…

Tell us about your educational background.

I attend Jericho High School in New York, and I’m in my senior year of high school this year.

What made you choose to do your internship at KASS? 

I’ve had an interest in law for a while, and as such, I wanted to intern at a firm where I could gain experience and observe others in the legal field. In the United States, the firms typically only accept law school graduates, so I figured I would apply to an overseas law boutique that would be more accepting. In my research, I found KASS, and I was fascinated by the diverse services and extensive network of offices in other countries. I thought that I would not only be able to observe the legal processes in Malaysia but I would also get to experience international law.

How has your experience with KASS been? 

Instead of the typical corporate setting of firms that is portrayed in the media and on the news, KASS surprised me. The team treated me warmly, and I found a place almost immediately. I became familiar with those sitting near me, and I gradually began to get to know everyone at the office. In terms of the work, I gained a lot more experience than I would have at another firm. I was given opportunities to observe meetings, complete drafts for trademark searches and overcoming objections, as well as writing case articles. I was exposed to a wide variety of customers, legal documents, and processes. I can genuinely say that working at KASS has been one of the most unique experiences for me.

Did you have any expectations prior to joining us and have we lived up to those expectations?

In terms of the office space, I thought it would be crowded because of my preconceived notion of how much space 60+ employees would take up. However, when I arrived at KASS, each employee had their own adequate office space and the layout of the office was organized, so it was easy to navigate, allowing me to find and communicate with my co-workers effectively. In terms of the work itself, since I was assigned to the trademark department, I expected that my work would be strictly limited to trademarks. While I did work on trademark searches and drafts for overcoming objections, I was also able to handle tasks outside of  the trademark department and gain a diverse set of experience from performing market research, attending patent and franchise meetings, writing case articles, etc.

What are your passions/interests in life?

One of my interests is pursuing a career in the legal field, which is why I decided to explore these interests during my KASS internship. Another one of my passions has been business. At my school, I have taken numerous business classes such as accounting, business law, and international business. Additionally, I compete in business presentations and test events in my school’s FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) club. I also love public speaking, which I often do in my school’s debate and mock trial clubs, and it is a skill that I’m always trying to polish and improve.

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