[The Intern Interview] Lauren Bennardo

The KASS team recently welcomed Lauren Bennardo, an outgoing intern from Australia.

We asked Lauren to share some thoughts on her time with us so far and here’s what she had to say…

Tell us about your educational background.

I am currently completing an undergraduate degree at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. I am in my fourth year of studying a double degree of Law and Business, majoring in human resource management. Only one more year to go!

What made you choose to do your internship at KASS? 

I chose to do my internship at KASS as I am particularly interested in intellectual property law. KASS are known as the “IP experts” and provide legal expertise globally, so I knew I could gain immense experience by interning with them.

How has your experience with KASS been? 

My experience at KASS has been fantastic. I have felt very valued and welcomed into the company. I was delegated a wide range of tasks such as conducting trade mark searches, drafting reports and objections, writing articles and observing client meetings. All of these have helped strengthened my knowledge on intellectual property and practical skills.

Did you have any expectations prior to joining us and have we lived up to those expectations?

I had high expectations prior to joining KASS which have been met. The team were very accommodating and always offered me assistance. I would definitely recommend interning at KASS!

What are your passions/interests in life?

My passions include being outdoors. I love going for hikes and being outside in the fresh air. I also love experiencing new places, particularly beaches and waterfalls.

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