Franchising in Myanmar

Is Franchise regulated in Myanmar?

Myanmar does not have any specific legislation or code of ethics to regulate franchising. Therefore, the actions of a franchise are subject to provisions of other sources of law, including the Competition Law 2015, Companies Law 2017, Sale of Goods Act 1930, the Contract Act 1872, and the Consumer Protection Law 2019.

What is the registration process to have the franchise registered?

Myanmar does not require registration of a franchise, and there is no requirement for a foreign franchisor to register a separate entity to engage in an agreement with a local franchisee.

What are the criteria for a company to be allowed to franchise in the country?

As there is no legislation to regulate the franchising business concept in Myanmar, there are no set criteria for companies looking to franchise in Myanmar.

What tips can we provide to Franchisors or Franchisees?

It is important to draft your franchise agreement carefully. It is worth having an agreement vetted by a local lawyer to ensure protection for both parties.

Although parties can enter into agreements in the language of their choice, it is common for dual-language agreements to be executed, so that if any party is a Burmese, he/she can understand the terms of the agreement clearly.

Translation is required if parties agree to have the jurisdiction of the Myanmar Courts.

Examples of popular Myanmar chains:

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