IP Awareness Workshops

In line with the country’s push to increase intellectual property awareness, we at KASS have been consistently providing guidance in the form of our in-house IP Awareness Programmes (trainings, workshops, seminars) and through our collaborations with various local and foreign corporate and government-linked organizations and business associations to facilitate relevant skill and knowledge development in the many areas of IP.

Every year, KASS also gets invited to speak at various events (seminars, conferences, exhibitions) to share our experience and expertise with those wanting to learn about how the various aspects of IP are applicable to their industries and how to use them advantageously to generate income and thrive in the marketplace.

Why is IP awareness important?

Many companies are faced with increasing per unit labour costs but without any corresponding increase in productivity. Coupled with this, there is no or very little innovation in manufacturing process or products. Companies which fail to innovate will soon go out of business.

The best way to overcome this dilemma is to impart knowledge to management and production staff on the creation and use of Intellectual Property Rights such as patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyright, etc. and the contractual terms involved. We have formulated and conducted in-house awareness programs for many manufacturing companies, business owners, directors, managers, R&D teams, scientists and researchers on the importance of IP in their business and research activities.

What type of programmes does KASS offer?

  • Public Awareness Programmes

We work together with associations and organizations to help generate public awareness on the importance of IP and its relevance in today’s day and age.

  • In-House Talks

We conduct talks in-house on various aspects of IP as they relate to businesses locally and overseas. Contact us to see what’s coming up.

  • Tailor-Made Training Programmes

We formulate customized IP training programmes, based on our clients’ wants and needs. The duration, content, speaker, programme and cost will vary accordingly.

  • Advice to Senior Management on the Strategic Use of IP Assets

We provide consultation for companies in all stages of the business life cycle, understanding the company through thorough discussions with the senior management team and designing strategies relating to the optimal use of their IP assets every step of the way.

Our sessions provide participants with the understanding of all these and more:

  • the different types of IP and how each of these rights inter-relate
  • the ownership of IP rights
  • the key issues in negotiating IP-related contracts
  • the critical issues when licensing-in and licensing-out IP
  • the various strategies in commercially exploiting IP assets
  • the ways in which IP assets enhances a company’s competitiveness
  • technology mining and its advantages
  • common IP prosecution mistakes that can be avoided
  • common myths and misconceptions pertaining to IP rights
  • emerging IP related issues in the global market scene
  • cost-cutting strategies to be implemented by R&D teams

For a look at other topics we have covered over the years, check out our events page.

Do feel free to contact us for a discussion on how you and your business can benefit from our IP awareness programmes.

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