Why Myanmar?

  • Steady Economic Success: In 2019, Myanmar’s economy maintained a steady growth of 6.5%, and is projected to increase by 6.6% in 2020 (source:
  • Promising Development: according to the Ease of Doing Business Report released by the World Bank, 2019 saw reforms in Myanmar that lead to marked improvements over protection of minority investors, business development, property registration, ease of procuring construction permits and contract enforcement (source:
  • Myanmar is the largest country in mainland South-East Asia with a total land area of 676,578 square kilometres. It stretches 2200 kilometres from north to south and 925 kilometres from east-west at its widest point
  • Population of 54.21 million (2019 estimate) population in the worlds’ ranking by World O’ Meters (source:
  • Known and notable global brand names from the USA, Europe and other countries have manufacturing plants in Myanmar and there are more and more companies venturing into this fast-developing country
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