IP Monetization Conference

The Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) in its efforts to assist the Universities, Government Research Institutions and the private sector to commercialise their inventions organised a Conference.

The Conference aptly titled “Intellectual Property Commercialisation Conference-IP Monetization” was held from 18-19 November 2008. It attracted more than 400 participants, a record participation for such conferences.

Speakers included Mr. Paul Whyte of ISIS Innovation of University of Oxford, Dr. Rowan Gilmore of Australian Institute of Commercialisation (AIC), Dato’ Dr. Kamaljit Singh of Global Innovation Research Centre Sdn Bhd.

KASS was invited to present papers sharing its experience in the IP field in Malaysia. Our Principal and CEO, Mr. P. Kandiah presented two papers entitled “Intellectual Property To Market” and “International Intellectual Property Practice”.

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