Exciting News On Matrade’s Market Development Grant

The new guidelines of MATRADE’s Market Development Grant (MDG), effective since 1st July 2012, have given SMEs a reason to rejoice! In case you were not aware, the MDG is a predetermined grant where the reimbursed value is based on location and types of export promotion activities.

Among the highlights of the new guidelines are:

  • Cooperatives are now eligible to apply for the grant;
  • Eligibility criteria for services sectors has been revised from RM5 million to RM25 million for annual sales turnover and from 50 to 150 for full time employees;
  • Most interestingly (for us, at least), the introduction of five new activities:
    1. Registration of IP overseas, inclusive of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, geographical indications and layout designs of integrated circuits (maximum of RM20,000.00 per country; up to RM100,000 per member company per year);
    2. Listing in Supermarkets/Hypermarkets Overseas (for Manufacturing, Agro-based and Trading);
    3. International Certification overseas;
    4. Presentation to potential clients overseas (for service providers only); and(v)Initial set up cost of representative office overseas (for service providers only).

All applications for the MDG must be made through the MDG Online System at www.matrade.gov.my/mdg. For more information, click here or contact the MDG Hotline at 03-6207 7593.

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