We view our clients’ success as our success. Clients start their journey towards success with a spark – an idea and vision. Creation or innovation is born out of that idea and vision. We work together with our clients to protect the IP rights in their creations and assist in their growth to become a market leader in their respective fields. We take pride in protecting, defending and managing their IP interests professionally. Our clients recognize our expertise and treasure our experience in the IP field because we take into account the commercial world today and the practicality of the economies of the region prior to advising clients on issues pertaining to their IP rights.

Here’s what some of our amazing clients had to say about working with us:

“They handled the drafting and prosecution of my patents very professionally and when the patent was challenged for invalidity, it was successfully defended and the patent was declared valid by the Court.”

Mr. Ken Lai, Kendek Industry Sdn Bhd

“KASS has been my IP consultants for over ten years now and they have protected my IP rights exceptionally well. The advice they give is given from a commercial perspective which is beneficial to my business and growth of my company.”

Mr. Nagendran of Corroshield Sdn Bhd.

“I am in charge of Senheng’s trademark portfolio. We delegated our trademarks to a few agents but later transferred most of our files to KASS. They sorted out the problems, advised us on trademark strategy and continue to give us regular updates on our trademark status. We sincerely recommend KASS.”

Ms. Alicia Goo of Senheng Electric (KL) Sdn Bhd

“When KASS says they will get something done by a certain date and time, they do just that. KASS is efficient and reliable.”

Mr. Unnithan, Carotino Sdn Bhd

“Value-added service. When I think of KASS, that is what comes to mind. The consultants update me on issues related to my area of work at no cost. Relevant articles or news excerpts are sent to me regularly. They take an interest in what I do. I like that.”

Ms. Charmaine Pereira, Asian Football Confederation

“I asked around to file a simple invention. At that time I had to go all the way to UK. Local lawyers acted as postman, paying a guy 1000 miles away. Using experienced local patent agents results in savings in cost and money. They advise on patent specification, able to have face to face interface, interaction with them. Good thing is they are local experience people in patents. I have kept to same firm all this while.”

Dr. Nehemiah Lee Chee Hai, Nehemiah Reinforced Soil Sdn Bhd

“Trademarks and design registration play a major part in protecting our products as others like to copy what we are doing, and try to align their products with our designs. This is why we have retained the same company (KASS) for all these years, as we find their ethics and professionalism at the highest standard, besides being easy to work with.”

Mr. Jim Gately, Corkjoint (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

KASS is “reputable in the industry and deliver great quality service. They drive the IP scene forward in Malaysia and contribute to increasing awareness in Malaysia, a society where awareness of IP rights is much needed!”

Dato’ Lewré Lew

“We chose KASS because of its long-standing reputation and success in Intellectual Property Rights and the key people attending to our needs.”

Mr. K.H. Sim, Allstones Group Asia

“KASS has what I would consider full-fledged IPR support capabilities.”

Mr. Chandrasekhar Arun, Trunkbusters

“We chose KASS based on the recommendation of our good friend Mr. Sundram of Raviraj Sdn Bhd. When we were looking for an agent to register our brand, various names were mentioned. We went to him for advice way back in 2003 and he said, “Others may register the brand on your behalf; that is not an issue at all as anybody can do it, but when you have a problem KASS is the one who can solve the problem for you no matter how big your problem is.” That made our choice easy.”

Mr. Mohamed Shakir bin Basheer, MMK Spices Sdn Bhd

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