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Product Development Law

The demand for product development services has increased in recent times, and with more and more clients requesting our assistance to develop new products, we are only too happy to help.

How does KASS help with product development?

Our product development services are designed to facilitate the creation of new products or solutions that do not infringe those protected by existing patents. We have assisted clients in two types of situations:

1. Client intending to enter into a new market faces at least one other patent in the same field or product line

Here, the client wanted to enter into the portable beverage dispensing container market but there were several patents in the same product line. The client was not interested to obtain any licence from the prior patent holders. With a team comprising of the intended user, manufacturer and product designers, we analyzed subsisting patents, lapsed patents, and other documents in the public domain. The team developed a couple of new beverage containers. Clients are testing the prototypes before deciding which model to take to commercialization. Patent applications will be filed for the various models.

2. Client faced with a potential patent infringement suit, client has no choice but to develop a new product which does not infringe the subject patents

The client, involved in the electronic products industry, was faced with a patent infringement suit in respect of the product it was manufacturing. As a patent licence was refused, clients worked with us to develop a new product which had the same functions, but did not infringe any of the claims of the previous patent. Within a period of three weeks, a new non-infringing product was developed.

Should you be in a similar situation, do not hesitate to contact us. With years of experience and expertise in various fields of technology, we will be able to provide comprehensive and constructive advice on the development of alternative products to avoid patent and industrial design infringement.

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